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Hire a car in Kiev

Kiev airport Borispol

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Car Rental Borispol, terms and conditions

Driving is allowed only in Ukraine, renter have no right to travel abroad Ukraine.

The minimum experience to drive a hired vehicle is at least 2 years. Minimal age of renter is 22 years. For Business Class - 25 years.

Rates includes technical support (if breakdowns), insurance and taxes. The rental is counted in days (24 hours). If a customer is late more than 1 hour to return hired car it entails one more day cost.

Rental term is 2 days at least.

Car Rental Kiev Borispol airport offers long-term car rental (a month or more) for a special, long-term rates.

For more information, please call +38 096 413 52 92 , +38 096 413 52 92, mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Return or delivery of the hired vehicle from / to Kiev costs 10 USD.

Return or delivery of hired car in Borispol airport is free of charge (waiting for 2 hours after confirmed time of the reservation). If delay exceeds two hours - it costs an additional 10 USD.

Check in or check out in other cities of Ukraine could be confirmed separately and it costs extra. Second driver costs 5 US dollars a day, and 50 US dollars maximum for all rentals days.

To rent child car seat or GPS navigator is 5 US dollars a day, maximum 50 US dollars for the full term of car hire in Kiev Ukraine.

To hire a car customer must have valid passport, driver licence and credit card.

Minimum confirmed driver experience is two years.

Credit cards Visa, Europay / Mastercard are accepted.

Deposit for the vehicle depends on the class of the hired car in Kiev Ukraine. Customer's credit card is used to block deposit.

Refilling of the hired car must done by petrol 95 octan number or more only. Refilling of the car tank by petrol (if returned less than was in tank at the beginning of rental) cost $ 2 USD for 1 liter of petrol. Customer is obliges to pay for all the damages which was caused by usage of low quality / incorrect octane number of gasoline.

CDW – is liability limitation of the customer if accident happens, or by other reason. The limitation of liability for damage caused by the customer to the car not more than USD 500 for the compact and economy class and USD 900 for business class or SUV, even in case of significant damage, except cases beyond insurance policy. CDW is mandatory and no exclusion.

TP – this is limitation of liability of the customer in case of theft during hire of the car. Limitation of the customer’s liability for theft to the car not more than USD 500 for the compact and economy class and USD 900 for business class or SUV, except cases beyond insurance policy. CDW is mandatory and cannot be excluded.

If any road traffic accident happens or other accident to the car, regardless of the cause, or causing damage to third persons during car rental period, car theft, parts of it or other acts committed against the car customer must immediately call the police and customer must inform representative of Car Rental Borispol about the incident.

The customer is obliged within 24 hours to give to Car Rental Borispol in Kiev official report about a traffic accident from the traffic police.