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Children in the car 

In the field of car rental is not possible to deal without customers are carrying children in vehicles. Millions of drivers all around the world carry their children in cars every day. Each country has its own regulations for the transport of children. They are often tied to the child's age, his height, weight, whether the child is sitting in the front or back seat. Many drivers do not consider the transportation of their children something supernatural and not really care about the child's safety on the road. It’s pity. It is often happens that children are suffering in accident on the road and many of them could be safe if properly follow to the rules of transportation of the child.

World's most famous method of transportation of small passenger in the car is a car seat. But it is not that so easy-to seat the child in the seat and to drive forward. First of all the seat must be properly set to avoid many mistakes. Second is that many children simply hard to get to sit in it as they are much more comfortable in the hands of adults. Or children like to climb through the cabin to meet your children's interest while driving. And finally the third, even if you have the most ultra-modern car seat, you should not forget to follow the rules of the road.

Particular attention is given to newborns. For them, there are special baby seats. Child is fixed by special internal straps. Cradles for children under 1 year are set against the movement of the car. Thus uniform load on the head, neck and spine of the baby is distributed.

Do not forget about the safety of the child when you leave him alone for a short while in the car. Toddlers are often able to unfasten the seat belts and car seats may accidentally go on the road. Therefore parent can never forget the children blockers of car doors. It is important not to leave the child in the car with the windows closed during hot weather.

In situation when you must drive but the chair is not present you should make sure the correct position baby in arms. Only back sit must be use, you should be strapped. Baby should sit next to you just behind of the driver's seat and buckled. In case of an accident, it cannot protect the child from injury, but they can facilitate. 

Remember, the safety of your children is in your hands!