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Thoughts on Ukraine at the end 2015

There is 2 years after the "Maidan 2" and a year and a half after the start of the war with Russia. The feel of the changes do not inspire at all, the same officials and politicians and the same scheme of embezzlement of public funds. The ostentatious fight against corruption is more like a theater, not a very good theater with amateur actors, as Stanislavski said - "I do not believe."

The majority of Ukrainians do not believe in the sweet speeches of government officials who tell the stories how good is going to be soon and what great strides we go to Europe. But in reality the most people of Ukraine were greatly impoverished as savings in the national currency depreciated 3 times by a simple triple devaluation of the hryvnia.

It is wonderful how long Ukrainian people can tolerate the situation, but as you know the strongest rebellion turns out when people explode who have been long constrained. Especially if we consider the number of weapons in the hands of the people and all the skills which appeared during  Russians and their henchmen bombing Ukrainian soldiers who had resigned later from the army to demobilize. These ex-soldiers know how easily problems are solved with the help of the assault rifle or a machine gun.

The magnitude of these risks is the fact that every day someone is caught by police with a weapon or with arsenal of fire weapon. It has become commonplace about grenade explosion in a residential area or even an apartment in a peaceful cities. And what will happen when people's patience will snap and Maidan number 3 will start? But this time instead of stones can fly hand grenades and machine guns can start to work same as anti-tank grenade launchers. Realizing the situation it is difficult to understand our current governing officials, it looks like they are absolutely fearless and totally inadequate, perhaps greed and easy money deprives people of out of mind.

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